Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Employment Tribunal Fees may not have brought a better service

To the chagrin of many Claimants they now have to pay fees in order to progress their claims. I hear arguments that the new regime prevents the spurious claim and rewards the tax payer. All of these arguments I understand and appreciate, however, the one consistent feature one would hope would have remained in situ after the imposition of the fees would be the streamlined service provided by the employment tribunal service.

To my clients' horror in the last few months ET1s have been submitted only for the responses to not reach the Claimant for a few weeks after they arrived at the tribunal. Even worse one Claimant found that her ET1 despite being submitted online had not been sent to the Respondent until a month after the initial submission.

This can bring stress and anxiety to a Claimant who is perhaps submitting a claim for the first time and often already suffering with depression due to the discriminatory or callous acts of an employer. I hope that these experiences are the exception and not the rule but if not it should be brought to the attention of the wider media and the powers that be as soon as possible.

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