Monday, 15 January 2018

Book Review: The Law Society's 'Employment Law Handbook' 7th edition Barnett, Baker and Butler

The 7th edition of 'The Employment Law Handbook Handbook' remains an excellent starting point for any employment law practitioner or HR professional. It is acknowledged that much of its contents are influenced by ex- contributor Henry Scrope who gave us the compendious a great source of free employment law before it was taken over a few years ago.

One thing which immediately offers value in buying this text is the vital addition of commentary on two of the hot topics for 2017/2018 the abolition of the fees regime and the status of 'gig economy' workers.

Looking at contents of chapters including old favourites such as 'Redundancy' you will not see protracted commentary on rare examples of extraordinary cases falling under this genre but you will see the essential legal 'building blocks' of any skeleton argument involving redundancy and the basis of sound law required to swot up on before advising a client.

The three authors, of course are experienced practitioners and with their names in the shop window are not going to produce a sub standard text. At around £70 the book is not cheap but you are paying for a reliable motor. When 'Harvey's' is too bulky and time is of the essence this book should be in my opinion the practitioner's trusty companion.