Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Shock horror! H and S goes mad!

I was told today by an employment judge in Bedford that i was not allowed to plug in my laptop unless it had been PAT tested!

Why I thought was that? Perhaps if the machine I had become so reliant on to record evidence self combusted we could all be in huge trouble. Surely PAT tested appliances mean that they will not self combust but usually this protects us from machines burning us alive in our sleep not in broad daylight where if the thing did catch fire there would be several witnesses, a panel and 2 representatives prepared to throw themselves on the inferno??? Blast those technocrats!

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Mike Farrell said...

What an odd rule. Do they conduct the same shakedown for mobile phones, ipods, ipads etc? As far as I have seen they are as likely to combust or explode as a laptop is.