Friday, 5 August 2011

Free employment law app launched!

In what represents a rare incursion by law firms into a popular media, a Scottish law firm has launched an iPhone app which will help employers calculate compensation claims, sections on unfair dismissal, redundancy, maternity and paternity leave and equal pay and discrimination...

The free HR Advisor app includes an interactive unfair dismissal compensation calculator and an interactive redundancy calculator.

Law firm MacRoberts said its app was designed to give employers useful information about UK employment law.

It will also have links to government sites and bodies such as Acas and the Equal Opportunities Commission.

Graham Mitchell, employment law partner at MacRoberts, told the BBC: "We have listened very carefully to our HR clients and have developed a practical, useful and relevant app which addresses the issues HR professionals face every day in an increasingly difficult employment law environment.

"Many of our clients are large employers and they have issues with employment law all the time. It is an area in which reliable information is often needed quickly and it lends itself to an information-based system such as HR Advisor."

Your editor downloaded this app simply by inputting 'HR adviser' (rather than advisor). The app is certainly easy to use and offers information on basic concepts of employment law. HR advisors and practitioners may find the compensation calculator useful. This is one of the first incursions by a law firm into a form media most should be looking to use.

If you know of any other useful legal apps please tell us!

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