Friday, 8 May 2009

UK Wins Working Time Opt Out

Personnnel Today have reproted that: 'Talks on the European legislation broke down without agreement for the final time in Brussels last night, meaning employees will be able to continue to work more than 48-hours a week if they choose.'

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grippa said...

I'm not sure the quote from Personnel Today is correct given that there is no provision within the directive to Opt Out so uk domestic legislation may in fact be unlawful. This would not of course affect uk business who are required to comply with domestic legislation where there is no direct effect by the directive, but other organisations, such as local authorities may continue to liable by allowing workers to opt out. In real terms however, I do not see on what basis a stand alone case could be brought by a worker; more likey a piggy back case such as a breach of the implied terms on health & safety.